Tuesday, January 10, 2012


A word that describes itself.
what is it about wanting more that drives us and keeps us going everyday?
the need to have more, to feel more, to do more and just wanting more.
what is this more that we all seek?
somehow so unreachable but at the same time close enough for it to seem attainable.
we are all on this journey of discovery..
figuring out what we were made for, what we are meant to do,
why we are placed where we are, why we are given what we have and the list goes on..
but one thing is certain..
there's always this want for more..
this want and need is what brings us on this journey that we all take.
a daily walk with the person who so longs to be the more we seek.
i am slowly discovering how incredible this journey could be if only we took time off our daily lives and spent time building the most important relationship ever!
funny thing is that we all know it but we never take the time..
that's what makes us all human isn't it??
wanting something so bad but when it's finally right smack in front of us..
we turn and look for something else..
and in doing that never find what we are looking for..
this year i want to do just 3 things..
rather than making a whole list of resolutions..
i'm just gonna keep it simple and realistic..
pray more. read more. write more.
simple enough yet still on the search for more..
what is it that is keeping you on the search for more?

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